Tip-tip sound when it rains is beautiful not so with a dripping tap

Water is a resource which though 70% of Earth is covered by it, is very limited in terms of potable water for us. We need to conserve every bit of water that we have around us, properly store and utilize judiciously. A dripping tap is possibly one of the major causes of water wastage in Urban habitats. Please make sure to -

  • Turn off the tap fully
  • Get a plumber to fix the leaking tap
  • Turn off the main connecter tap below the sink in case fixing the dripping tap gets delayed
  • In restaurants, public restrooms, offices, please prefer to utilize a dripping tap instead of a non-dripping one. Atleast during usage of the tap, water is being used effectively.
  • Collect the dripping water in a mug/bucket and use it while you get it fixed by a plumber

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